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    Industrial Construction

Commercial / Industrial Sectors

We help our commercial and industrial clients overcome design alterations.

Regehr Contracting has been in the business long enough to know that things don’t always (or usually, for that matter) go as planned. Our knowledgeable and flexible management personnel work with the client to provide the best possible site solution.

For industrial and commercial applications, Regehr provides excavations and backfilling for commercial buildings and footing and slab preparation for tilt-up construction. In addition to warehouse construction, we have experience in strip mall development. We offer the full range of  below-ground site-servicing installation of infrastructure, water, sewer, street lighting and utilities as well as parkade and road building. Sites requiring demolition of existing buildings or roads can be part of our service offering, including onsite mobile crushing of concrete and asphalt, for reuse in the new project.

Commercial / Industrial Services:

  • Strip mall development

  • Slab preparations for Tilt-up construction
  • Building prep – excavations, backfilling for commercial building

  • Road construction

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