• Civil / Residential

    Mini excavator on commercial project

Punctual and flexible customer service.

Regehr Contracting works with customers to help them overcome residential design alterations.

As in other construction sectors, Regehr’s civil site servicing experience includes the full range of services required by our clients including the underground installation of for water, sewer, street lighting and utilities. For sites with existing buildings requiring demolition, we offer onsite mobile crushing of concrete and asphalt, for reuse in the new project.

Upon installation of the underground work our team provides complete ground-level service including grading, landscaping, temporary roadwork, asphalt paving, curbing, sidewalks and retaining walls, as required, always leaving the site with optimal curbside appeal and customer satisfaction.

We realize that most projects are financed, and out of respect for our clients, strive to execute the project as quickly as possible so the client doesn’t have to carry debt any longer than necessary.

Civil / Residential Services:

  • Land clearing and grading
  • Utilities – hydro, tel, Shaw
  • Storm & sanitary sewers
  • Roadworks
  • Parkades

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